There is Hope

Imagine being told that your life is so messed up that God can’t even help! That is exactly what happened to David. In Psalm 3, he is extremely discouraged and afraid. He is literally running for his life as his son, Absalom, seeks to take over the throne even if it means killing David. He has been deserted by everyone and pursued fiercely for his crown.

Verse 2 says, “Many say about me, ‘There is no help for him in God’ ”(HCSB). Without a strong confidence in God, this would be a hard blow to anyone’s faith. If David had believed those who said there was no hope for him, he would have given in to fear, doubt, and worry, but his faith was not secured by the opinions of others, the situation he was in, or the mistakes he had made. Regardless of what anyone told David, he was confident in the power, love, grace, and mercy of God.

 In verse 3, David says, “But you, Lord, are a shield around me, my glory, and the One who lifts up my head” (HCSB). There are three things in this verse that David is sure of:

  1. God is my protection/protector. – He knows that God provides protection like a mighty shield protecting a warrior from attacks of the enemy.
  2. God defines my worth (glory). – Despite the cruel words of others, David found his glory or his worth in God. It doesn’t matter what anyone else says; he chose to faithfully believe what God’s word says.
  3. God lifts my head. – David had confidence in God because he remembered all that God had done in the past.

Like David, we are in a battle for our life – for our eternity. Satan is the enemy, and he is constantly in pursuit of us to destroy our faith in God. Maybe like David, everyone has deserted you and said there is no hope for you. There IS hope. There is hope in your salvation and a God who loves you! So seek Him when you are struggling. Find rest in knowing that He is your shield of protection. Stand strong in your faith and don’t let fear, doubt, worry, people, or the devil define your worth. Focus on God’s faithfulness in the past, and let Him be the lifter of your head.

In Psalm 3:5, David says, “I lie down and sleep; I wake again because the Lord sustains me” (HCSB). When fear, doubt, and worry threaten your physical or emotional well being, remember that it is the Lord who is able to sustain you, wake you each morning, and protect you through each day.

God is there for you when the devil uses your thoughts or the words and actions of others to discourage you. Know that He will be your shield of protection. Allow God, who truly loves you, to define your worth rather than people or the devil whose intentions are not pure. Don’t give in to discouragement or depression, but instead believe only what God’s word says about you and His love for you. There is hope!

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