About Me

I have been blessed with a wonderful husband and family.  Stephen and I have been married for thirty-one years. We have two amazing adult children. Our son, Brandon, is currently working as a safety coordinator, and his wife, Kristen,  is a chiropractor.  Our daughter, Lindsey,  is a massage therapist, and her husband, Dylan, is an insurance adjuster. They have three children. It has been a great joy to watch them all grow and mature.

Stephen and I both grew up here in rural Oklahoma, and we are blessed to have our families nearby.  Before my dad passed away, he built our home on the land where my brother and I roamed as kids.  I currently teach in the school that I attended as a child and our two children also attended.  I play the piano and teach a women’s class at our church.

When I first began teaching women about thirteen years ago, I gave the women a spiritual gifts test.  This test was different from others I had taken in the past, but I expected it to provide the same results.  Instead I discovered that writing was one of my top three gifts.  I was very surprised because God had recently impressed on my heart that He wanted me to begin writing for Him.

Like Jonah, fear caused me to run from God’s mission, and I spent months in the belly of the whale as I disobeyed and questioned my abilities.  This blog is the result of God using a total stranger to set my feet once again on solid ground and to confirm that it was time to not only write but to share the words God has given me (the scariest and most difficult part).  The strength I needed to follow through with His will was renewed, and my hope is for God’s word to speak to you through these devotions and help renew your strength whatever the circumstances you may face today.

5 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Great devotional! You just have too many talents. It is good to see how brave you are to step out and do the things God has called you to do. I’ll be stopping by for renewal often.


  2. Hey Sister!

    What an awesome call from God! I knew you had the words in you. Let go and let God show you His will for you. Thanks for letting us in on your heart.

    Bro. Steve


  3. Good job on your blog! Teresa Brady told me your story from SWEET Spot and I was so encouraged that God used that evening to spur you on! Many blessings as God uses your blog to encourage women.


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