You Are Not Forgotten 

It is easy to get discouraged during difficult times and allow fear to control our thoughts and actions. It helps to remember that no matter what I'm going through, I can trust that God is there leading the way and will be with me each step of the journey. Noah and his family were in … Continue reading You Are Not Forgotten 

Run to God

Life can feel out of control at times making it difficult to know what to do or where to turn.  Tragedy strikes, loved ones get sick, betrayal destroys relationships, finances crumble, and many more battles can leave us feeling frightened and discouraged. The night of my husband’s accident, my life suddenly felt completely out of … Continue reading Run to God

Facing My Fear

What scares you?  I mean really scares you…to the point of being physically ill and unable to think of anything else.  How do you deal with fear that grips your body, mind, and spirit?  Do you curl up in a ball and just give up or do you dig down deep and find the courage … Continue reading Facing My Fear

Waiting for God to Help

Have you ever called 911?  Unfortunately, help is not always immediately available, and those who need to be rescued from water, fire, or any other danger must wait.  It may only be a matter of minutes before help arrives, but it can seem like an eternity as you wait anxiously for that much needed help. … Continue reading Waiting for God to Help

Adjustments of Life

This is something that has been on my mind lately, so I thought I would share it again. Yesterday I hesitantly went with my daughter for her first visit to the chiropractor due to back pain.  I sat in the corner of the room preferring to be in the waiting room or shopping, but because … Continue reading Adjustments of Life

Wait for the Joy

A three-year old child just starting school was expected to ride the bus across campus to the building where her mother worked. Many children ride buses every day, but this was something totally foreign to her and caused much anxiety. As students were loading the bus, she walked right up to the door and then … Continue reading Wait for the Joy

Put Your Hope in Him

As each of four women stepped into my car, I found myself amazed by their compassion. Each woman was facing significant trials in her own life, yet making the time to pray with a friend facing the nightmare of possibly losing her baby.  All of these women from different backgrounds, experiencing a variety of trials, … Continue reading Put Your Hope in Him

Trust Me

Trust me.  Two little words which hold the power to bring strength or destruction.  How many times have you heard this only to find that heartache and disappointment follows?  I remember playing a game as a child where someone stood behind another person saying those two little words, “Trust me.”  The other person falls into … Continue reading Trust Me

Power of Prayer

Two weeks to live.  This is what doctors told a longtime, christian friend four weeks ago.  During those four weeks, I have found myself questioning how to even pray.  Since he is in a lot of pain, I have prayed for comfort.  But I have also found myself thinking God has a plan and obviously … Continue reading Power of Prayer

God’s Backseat Driver

Trusting God is sometimes like teaching a teenager to drive. Someone else has the wheel, and you have no real control. Moving from the driver’s seat to the passenger’s seat as your teen learns to drive can cause a lot of uneasy feelings. You have just lost complete control of the vehicle to someone who … Continue reading God’s Backseat Driver