Get Up and Carry On

It is really embarrassing to fall in front of people.  Most of the time, we jump up hoping no one actually saw us bite the dust.  Several years ago, a student ran across the playground looking the opposite direction.  Before I even saw him coming, I was knocked to the ground.  My lunch was splattered all over me just as I was splattered all over the sidewalk. I did not immediately jump up but instead just lay there for a moment afraid to move.  Thankfully, I walked away unscathed except for my pride.

Often life knocks us down, splatters dust all over our face and just keeps on going. But there are also those times that we trip over our own mistakes and find ourselves face-down in the dirt.  We fall into sin.  We fall into depression.  We fall into worry.  We fall into fear.  We fall into doubt.  We fall into discouragement.

Psalms 119:25 says, “I lie in the dust, completely discouraged; revive me by your word.” The good news is that our faith can be revived when we read, study, and hear God’s word. The dust left behind when we fall into sin or get knocked down by life will be brushed away by God’s forgiveness, direction, growth, love, comfort, and replaced with hope, growth, and joy. 

How do we get up and carry on?  Instead of just lying there in the dirt and discouragement, we need to get up, shake it off, dig into His word, and carry on by choosing to put our faith in Him. I have chosen to be faithful.  Psalms 119:30


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