Change Your Focus

I learned a valuable Grammy lesson today.  No matter how precious that grand baby is, do not sit and gaze at her as she sits in the baby swing just swinging away! Somehow it caused a bad case of motion sickness. The room began to spin out of control, and  I suddenly found myself on hands and knees crawling on the floor unable to even stand and walk! Go ahead and laugh because I know how funny it sounds!

Once I managed to get off the floor, I spent the next few hours feeling faint, nauseated, stumbling around, and crashing on the couch trying to sleep it off. Little did I know that simply enjoying that sweet baby swinging would have such negative consequences.Grandbabies are wonderful, but combined with motion may create a hilariously funny yet miserable situation for Grammy.

Later I learned that all I really needed was a change of focus. I just needed to simply look at something stable more than I was gazing at Baby M.  If my focus had been on something unchanging, I would never have felt so miserable, and I could have spent much more time enjoying my new grandbaby.

This experience made me realize that sometimes in life, I also need to change my focus. We get so wrapped up in the things we enjoy that we often forget to turn to God for stability. He wants us to enjoy the people and things in our lives. After all, He’s the one who blessed us with those good things. But when we place those things before Him, we may find ourselves stumbling through life unable to stand on our own and wondering what went wrong.

When I find my life has become a miserable situation, maybe that too is because my focus is in the wrong place. It’s easy to let our problems become our focus. We dwell on the what ifs and if onlys, and soon our thoughts are consumed by a huge problem. Strangely, focusing on an obstacle tends to make that situation seem to  grow even larger, which makes us focus on it even more.  Eventually it seems as if our life is spinning out of control.  But when we can turn our focus to God, we’ll find that the problem actually seems smaller.

So we fix our eyes not on what is seen, but on what is unseen. For what is seen is temporary, but what is unseen is eternal. 2 Corinthians 4:18

Whether you’ve been focusing on the good or the bad, maybe it’s time for a change. Stop and check your focus. Are you spending all your time enjoying the good, but forgetting to look to the One who has blessed you?  Or are you focusing on a growing problem instead of seeking the face of the One who can conquer all? It’s your choice. Turn your focus back to the Lord. You’ll see that He offers the stability that you need.


One thought on “Change Your Focus

  1. Praise God for the stability he offers in a world full of uncertainty! Thank you, Tresa, for a timely lesson, as North Korea threatens a nuclear attack, as terrorist attacks create a daily hazard, as Hurricane Irma threatens the East Coast, and victims of Hurricane Harvey face the aftermath of that devastation. You are so right. Our best option is to “seek the face of the One who conquers all.”


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