He is Greater Than

Whatever you are facing, God has already given you the strength and faith needed. You may not always feel it, but you have what it takes to overcome because Greater is He that is in you than he that is in the world!! 

Satan is always at work around us. He works through our circumstances, attitudes, feelings, insecurities, and the people around us to create discouragement in our walk of faith. He hopes that we will grow frustrated, turn from God, and take matters into our own hands rather than trusting God.  But thankfully our God is greater than anything that Satan can send our way! 

During those moments when you just don’t think you have it in you to handle any more, remember that the God who lives in your heart will provide all that is required.  When you feel weak and broken by all that is going on around you, know that He has all the strength you need and can mend your brokenness. 

He is greater than any tragedy. He is greater than any illness. He is greater than any feeling. He is greater than any insecurity. He is greater than _____ (fill in the blank with any struggle you are facing). HE is GREATER period. You need only to keep your eyes on Him, and remember “Greater is He that is in me that he that is in the world” – 1 John 4:1.

Our God is Greater!

2 thoughts on “He is Greater Than

  1. Your post is like a shout from the housetops, Tresa, proclaiming the awesome greatness of our God. Sometimes it’s just plain tiredness that gets me discouraged. Especially at the end of the day my thoughts can become negative: “You’ll never be able to accomplish your long-term goals. You don’t even know where to begin; how do you expect to walk the whole road to completion?” I know whose voice that is; I know that God WILL lead and provide as I trust in Him. And you are right: He is greater than any feeling and any insecurity. (I know also that you are speaking truth from experience, in the aftermath of your husband’s accident. ) 1 John 4:1 is the perfect rebuttal for those moments of discouragement. Thank you, friend!


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