Scripture Pins

Pinterest! Need I say more?  If you haven’t discovered Pinterest, it is an online scrapbook of sorts, where you can save recipes, crafts, decorating ideas, gardening tips, and gift ideas.   Anything you are possibly interested in can be “pinned” to your own board for easy referral.   I can spend hours just browsing and pinning all the wonderful ideas I have found.

I came to the realization though that there are very few of those recipes I have made, crafts I have created,  gardening tips I have followed through with, or gift ideas I have given.  This valuable tool is simply consuming my time without providing much return.

In much the same way, the Bible is a valuable tool that is full of God’s promises, direction, and encouragement.  It is the perfect resource for any feeling, thought, or event that we may experience. But if it is not used properly, it won’t be of any greater assistance than all those pins I never use.

My Bible is full of many verses I have highlighted and notes I have taken during sermons, Sunday school lessons, and private bible study.  When I underline or make notes, it’s like “pinning”.  I’m saving it so that I can refer back to it later, but highlighting isn’t enough.

I don’t want pinned scriptures to simply be highlighted and never referred to like the ideas I find on Pinterest.  I must take the time to read them and ask for God’s guidance.  Sometimes I just browse through the verses I’ve marked until I come across one that speaks to my heart’s need or would encourage a friend.  Yet there are many times that I don’t refer to it as I should.

Marked scriptures can help us through the most difficult times in life, or they can be filed away unused and without benefit.  Joshua 1:8 says, “Keep this Book of the Law always on your lips; meditate on it day and night, so that you may be careful to do everything written in it.  Then you will be prosperous and successful.”

Like Pinterest, the Bible provides information for any area of your life in which you seek assistance.  But highlighting a scripture isn’t enough; we must purposely refer back to that scripture for it to be of use. Don’t be afraid to mark in your Bible.  Pin it and use it.  It’s your greatest life tool!


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One thought on “Scripture Pins

  1. Scripture Pins–I love it! I found myself practically nodding my head in agreement on the ways we use underlined scriptures, notes from sermons, etc. Surely all the browsing and referring we do has a purifying effect in our spirits and on our characters. The reaction is similar to what happens when we see someone with good posture. Suddenly we stand up straighter ourselves. Praise God for the purifying effect of his word!


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