Spiritual Warfare: This Little Light of Mine

This painting, created by my friend Sharon Taylor, is an enlightening representation of the spiritual warfare that exists all around us. This is a graphic reminder that Satan is a very real enemy who purposefully seeks to destroy those committed to Christ. 1 Peter 5:8 says, Be sober-minded, be alert. Your adversary the devil is … Continue reading Spiritual Warfare: This Little Light of Mine

The Struggle is Real

My two year old granddaughter loves to play in my makeup. She also knows she’s supposed to have permission. Yet there are times when that desire to have pretty lips is just more temptation than she can stand, and she will sneak out of my sight into my room to play with it. Her personal … Continue reading The Struggle is Real

Forbidden Fruit

I spent most of last night curled up in a ball, asking myself, "Why?"  More specifically, "Why do I do the things I know I shouldn't?" So...I'm sure you're wondering what I did.  Like Eve, I gave in to temptation and ate the forbidden fruit!  During the past week I have eaten strawberries, raisins, and … Continue reading Forbidden Fruit